Purpose that drives our community

Women are highly underrepresented in corporate leadership roles across the globe. As per the Fortune list - May 2019 , only 33 women (6.6%) were CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and women accounted for less than a third (29%) of senior roles globally. Even though men and women enter the workforce in equal numbers, only a handful number of women get promoted to top ranks, creating a huge disparity in gender representation. It is this disparity that Women Lead aims to bridge.

Leading the change since 2015

The Women Lead Initiative began in Australia as a response to the lack of women leaders in the country's top companies. It provided a platform where aspiring women executives could interact and learn from successful industry leaders. Since then, through its many chapters, it has been successfully bridging the gender gap.

Promoting More Women in Leadership Roles

Women Lead believes that only by promoting more women leaders can one solve the gender diversity problem in the corporate sector. Along with professional prowess and technical skills, women need champions, mentors, promoters and a strong network within their organisation and across the industry. This helps to shift the needle and enable them to progress to higher levels of leadership.

Enabling a Circle of Influence

At HCL, we envision an equal world. A world where women leaders find their place in the corporate landscape, bridge the gap and inspire others. The Circle of Influence is the grand manifestation of this humble yet ambitious endeavour to achieve a positive change. It’s a platform enabling a connected ecosystem that allows aspiring women to learn from industry leaders, build and engage with an alumni group, create partnerships and get opportunities to accelerate their professional career.

The Leaders who shape our community

About HCL & its Mission

HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. As one of the fastest growing technology companies, HCL Technologies has been globally committed to gender diversity and inclusion for several years. With a focus on increasing the participation of women leaders across the corporate world, women empowerment is an integral part of HCL's holistic diversity agenda. It is in this pursuit that, HCL Technologies has created a corporate mentoring program - Women Lead, to help top-performing women professionals excel and break the glass ceiling.

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