Who are we?

Who are we?

Women Lead is a unique mentorship program. A manifestation of HCL’s vision of an equal and empowered world. An idea inspired by the concept of The Circle of Influence – in other words, a connected network based on trust, from which women leaders of tomorrow can get the necessary support and training to scale new professional heights and fulfil their growth story. It is a platform where industry-leaders train, coach, and guide aspiring women executives, helping them find their footing in the corporate world, bridge the gap and inspire others. So, we can usher in a new era of leadership.

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What can you expect from this Mentorship Program?

It takes a worldly-approach to empower the women leaders of the world. From world-class 1:1 mentorship programs and a strong network for aspiring women leaders to researching and sharing insights that make a positive difference, any idea that resonates with the larger mission of bridging the gender gap finds a place under the ideology of the Circle of Influence. 


How do we bridge the gap and empower more women?

  • Mentorship
  • Sponsorship 
  • Networking 
  • Research


The Women Lead Initiative is the original mentorship program that is becoming a global movement. It encompasses all our endeavours that revolve around providing mentorship, guidance and nurturing young women. In this program, each mentee is paired with a mentor to provide exclusive mentorship and a growth plan. Each Mentor-Mentee pair focuses on an issue or project proposed by the Mentee in her application. Upon discussing, a project, which represents a significant and meaningful part of the Mentee’s professional development, is ascertained and a plan is devised to achieve the same.


The Most Important Circle is a connected network based on trust. It connects not just the participants from various chapters of the Women Lead initiative but extends beyond to incorporate a wider audience from the world of business. It goes beyond mentorship to facilitate networking, learning and sharing of ideas, experiences and more. From conducting webinars, workshops and leadership sessions, it connects industry leaders with aspiring women executives .


Empowering women also means extending support and offering help. It means standing by others and playing a part in their journey - in the pursuit of inspiring and uplifting promising women. Through our partnership with the Swedish Youth Hockey Team, the Duchess of the Sea initiative and more, our sponsorship program strives to do the same .


The journey to bridging the gender gap in leadership roles first begins with a deeper understanding of the problem. Sharing views, collaborating and initiating a dialogue to create more awareness play a critical part in making the world an equal place. In pursuit of the same, The Most Important Circle book, collaborating with Mel University to publish research paper, insightful blogs and more are some of our many endeavours.